Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Back to the Eighties

Hello to all the new followers who have found this blog.  I hope that you enjoy your visits here.  It's good to have you along.

Yesterday, a cold but sunny day, I made it to Chester for a lovely day full of treats.

I love searching all the charity shops for goodies.  Chester has a good selection of these shops in Frodsham Street and I like to work my way methodically along them.

I didn't manage to find many exciting goodies this time, my haul was rather light but amongst my "treasures" I bought this book.


It's called Rowan's Designer Collection, Summer & Winter Knitting.

It features designs by lots of famous designers.

The book was published in 1987, so as you can imagine, there are a lot of designs that would be laughed at if you wore them now.

Ruched Panel Cardigan by Bodymap

Hunt Sweater by Martin Kidman
You could fit the whole family in this one

Target Jacket by Muir and Osborne

Windows Coat by Kaffe Fassett

However there are a few designs that would be wearable.

Guernsey by Artwork

Arabesque by Angela King
Lovely lace pattern

Venetian Tile Cardigan by Sarah Duckworth

Floral Sweater by Lena Stengard

Bellmanear Sweater by Jean Moss
Just lovely Fair Isle

Lumberjack by Christopher Fischer
Interesting use of colour patterns

Some may need a bit of a pattern rewrite to lose some of the six inches of positive ease!   I particularly like the Fair Isle design of this over-sized sweater.

Fair Isle by Edina Ronay
Love the colours yellow, pink and grey

I think there are quite a lot of patterns with potential for an up-date. Something to think about.

Have a good day.


  1. It's always good fun seeing how fashions have changed. There are certainly some extraordinary looking garments there xx

  2. It is funny how things change, not just the style of the knits, but the hairstyles too! xx

  3. That blast from the past was a hoot!

  4. You could camp out in that Kaffe Fassette coat. The model looks a bit strained under all that weight. He has an undeniable eye for colour though.
    Like you say, there are some patterns there that could be adapted. Glad you enjoyed your day in Chester.

  5. Did you take your new camera?

    1. I did, but forgot to take photos! Typical.

  6. Ha ha, too busy in the chazzer shops !


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