Saturday, 28 February 2015

Cardigan Work-in-Progress

I feel like I've been knitting this cardigan forever.

It isn't the cardigan's fault.  I've actually only been knitting this cardigan for just over two weeks, it's the wool I've been knitting forever.

You will recall, I started knitting with the Rowan Worsted in the guise of Miette way back in January.  I flirted with knitting Searing.  I abandoned them both and embarked on Que Sera.
I have now completed the body and one sleeve.  Excellent progress.

A lovely lacy pattern, great fun to knit.

I am, however, extremely anxious.  You will notice that the knitting is very textured.

It looks very small when knitted but should flattered out when blocked. I've swatched it over and over again to be certain of how it behaves after soaking but it's difficult to judge the right length, especially for the sleeves.  I have a dread that it's either going to be too big or too small - at this stage I'm still not certain which way it will.go.  Time will tell.

All I can do is get it done and hope for the best.

As an incentive to finish the cardigan, I treated myself to some lovely new yarn from Abakhans in Chester.

I'm in a sock and shawl knitting frame of mind, so can't wait to get started.

I also treated myself to some more dress fabric.  I seem to be accumulating quite a bit now.

When the weather gets a bit warmer, I'm going to make me some lovely summer dresses.

So in the, meantime, it's on with the cardigan and fingers crossed.  Hopefully I'll have something wonderful to show you soon.


  1. I accumulate fabric fabric too, not enough time to make anything so it just gets stashed. Isn't the Abakhan in Chester a great shop, I normally go to the Mostyn one but I much prefer the Chester one now. Your cardigan is going to look lovely when finished xx

    1. Thank you Joanne. I'll be glad when the cardigan is out of the way, so that I can start something new.

  2. I love the look of the pink. It looks like it will be very cosy.

  3. Your knitting is an amazingly intricate pattern, beautifully worked! xx


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