Monday, 9 February 2015

knitting and Nattering

We had a lovely weekend in Sheffield with Grace.  I do so enjoy our knit and natter meet ups.


I knitted up the sweater for Mr Bakery Bear and so he is all finished.

We took a photo of three bears, my two and Grace's, before we made the sweaters together.

And here they all are, fully dressed.

As always Grace didn't need much help mastering the cables pattern.  In return she instructed me on Kitchener stitch.  I came away with a diagram of how it's done so hopefully I'll get it right next time I try.

We had a great day out at Weston Park, visiting the museum.

Me with Snowy the polar bear

Here in Liverpool we haven't had any significant snow (I think it snowed for about quarter of an hour once but didn't stick) so, on our journey to Sheffield, it was quite a sight to see the Penines looking so wintery.

Grace and I got plenty of knitting done over the course of the weekend.  We knitted together whilst watching an old favourite film, Van Helsing!  I've started some socks, more portable than taking the cardigan with me.  I'll have to put them to one side for now whilst I finish the Miette cardigan, I've fallen out of love with it again but I'm hoping our love - hate relationship will reverse again when it's done.

I hope you all had a good weekend.   Bye for now.


  1. You have the best dressed bears ever! They are too cute; I don't knit but love to crochet. I am probably addicted!

  2. There is nothing nicer than sharing a weekend with family, I did too.

  3. What a lovely knitted bear he is gorgeous. Im doing a giveaway and craft swap on my blog please check out my blog if you got time thanks!

  4. You certainly have staying power with the Miette pattern. Hope you end up liking it.

    1. I fear that it isn't going to make it to the end. Today may be decision day.

  5. Your Bakery Bears are absolutely adorable.

  6. Your bears and their outfits are wonderful!! xx

  7. Lovely sweet bears, I'm glad you had a good time away x


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