Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sleeves - Again!

I seem to have an obsession with sleeves at the moment.

This time I turned my attention to a cardigan I made back in March 2010.  The pattern was Oaksike by Louisa Harding.

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I do love this cardigan - the yarn still looks as good as new, the colour is incredibly versatile for my wardrobe, the cardigan is an excellent fit - apart from the sleeves...

I find that the sleeves are too loose.  There is no shaping to the sleeves so the cuffs tend to be a bit floppy.

Three years on from the making, I want this cardigan to be the best and so the sleeves have now had a reknit.

I cast on 20 less stitches than the pattern calls for and increased gradually up the arm.  I now have a wonderfully fitted cuff and a shapely sleeve.

I can now declare the cardigan perfect!

Time now, I think, to move on from this obsession with sleeves.

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