Monday, 10 June 2013

Freedom - it's nearly mine!

Tomorrow I sit, what will probably be my last exam ever, ever.  I've no plans to carry on with formal studying beyond tomorrow.  I've been studying with the Open University since 1986!  I've studied arts courses- literature and history; I've studied the classics - Latin and Greek; I've studied maths and I've studied sciences - and lately I've been studying geology.

I've mostly done it for the fun of it - but I've run out of courses I want to study and it would be lovely to have a break.

I will never give up learning - it's what life is all about - but formal studying could be all over tomorrow.

One last day of frantic revision (panic) and then, jump for joy...

...freedom is mine.

I feel a Tigger moment coming over me!


  1. Good luck for tomorrow and enjoy not having to worry about any more exams. xox

  2. Good luck for tomorrow and here's to no more studying. Can't wait for exam season to be over here too. My 16 year old is in the middle of GCSE's he can't wait either :)


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