Thursday, 27 June 2013

What Next?

Now that my studying and exams are all out of the way, it's time to think about a new challenge.

I've decided I need to brush up on my Latin - it would be a shame to forget all that has been studied in the past.  With this in mind I recently treated myself to some Latin books.

What fun!

And when I get stuck I've always got the English versions to help me out

- not cheating at all!


  1. What fun. I did Latin for just one year at school, and we had a very dry book.

  2. Oh my what a challenge ... having gone to an all girls secondary modern I never did Latin, the only time I use it is plant names ... good luck ~ Sarah x

  3. I love Latin! Although I am nowhere near fluent enough to read a whole book in it :) Hats off to you

  4. Wow Latin! just scraped through mine at school and can't remember sausage now beyond 1st declension - who ever forgets amo, amas, amat? Keep us posted :-)


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