Tuesday, 4 June 2013


What wonderful weather - hot, sunny and very happy.

You can tell it's warmed up - the jellyfish are plentiful at the beach.

A Jumbo Jellyfish

A Jelly Mould?

Wave Patterns in the Sand

A Beached Jellyfish

Early in the morning, before the sun worshippers are out, it's a beautiful, peaceful place to be.

Liverpool Docks and the Iron Men

Watching the shipping coming and going from the port.

Can you see Wales in the background?
And my first paddle of the year!

Next time I'll take my shoes off!


  1. Ooh it looks lovely. I always like the beach best when it is quiet x

  2. Lovely photos! The wave patterns are so pretty. I just found your blog and became a follower :) Elisabeth xoxo

  3. Do you know what would go really well with these pictures? A Jellyfish crochet pattern. Have any lying around?
    Ellie xxx


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