Wednesday, 1 August 2012

We're All Making Good Progress

Wasn't the gymnastics exciting?  Our first Olympic medal for gymnastics in a hundred years!

It's always nice to 'claim' one of the athletes as your own.  You know how it is - such and such a person is my next-door-neighbour's cousin's husband's godson!  So we are laying claim to Daniel Purvis, the bronze medal winning gymnast.

He went to the same school as my girls, and in fact he was in the same year as Grace.  So well done our Daniel!!!

Besides gymnastics, we have been watching swimming, rowing, weight lifting, basketball, equestrian and ladies football.  Wonderful.

As far as my own Olympic event goes, firstly, thank you for all your lovely comments.  I've complete 29 more squares of the blanket.

The last 8 squares are almost complete but, as anticipated, the primrose yarn ran out.

Thankfully, even as we speak, the ever efficient Deramores will be despatching more yarn to me, ETA tomorrow morning.  So nearly there.

Today I will move on to Grace's birthday surprise sweater.  As this is top secret there are no pictures to show - not until after 23rd August.  There's not much more to do on this one, so hopefully a few days and I'll be able to cross this off my list.

Now, whilst I'm not allowed to start any new projects - this only applies to large projects!  I'm allowed to work on little, itsy bitsy projects!!!

Anyway, I decided the bird bath needed that something extra, so I crocheted some flowers to make a 'bracelet' for it.

It's the little projects that keep me sane!!! Otherwise, with all those squares, I'm in danger of becoming slightly eccentric!!!!!


  1. Very cute idea for the bird bath. At first I thought you'd crocheted all those bright pink flowers !!

  2. Good for your Daniel, my son has been to many meets where Ryan Loche has swam. Last Spring, we were at a meet and I saw an older woman sitting next to our Coach, she kept talking to my son. When he swam she was cheering him on and gave him a big hug and kiss on his cheek when he was finished, it was Ryan Loche's Grandmother.

  3. I am sure the birds will be thrilled and your blanket is ever so sweet. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  4. hi yes i agree , its the small projects that keep you sane, gold medals for the olympics yeah, I,ve finally completed Paddington and he is going on my blog with a link to you,thankyou again for the pattern

  5. That is totally a claim! haha I claim our (US) fencer Mariel. She is best friends with my old college roommate (who was watching the competition today). Sadly, no gold for us. :(

    Good luck on those last few squares!

  6. Lovely blanket and nice bracelet fore the bird bath :)


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