Monday, 13 August 2012

After It's All Over

There's a hole in my life where the Olympics used to be.  I suppose I had better get back to reality - and the housework.  It's all been very intensive, culminating in the final weekend clashing with the Golf PGA championship.  We have spent a lot of time this weekend channel-hopping.  We didn't catch much of the closing ceremony as we were watching Rory McIlroy win his second major, but I did get a glimpse of the Spice Girls - I'd forgotten how much I liked them (Girl Power!).

My Olympic challenge has come to an end and I'm pleased to report that yesterday I finished the fourth project on my task list.  This was the cardigan pattern by Louisa Harding entitled Pocket Watch.

I love it.  Such a great fit, lovely delicate colours and the little details make it special.

See the picot edging on the cuffs and hem.

16 tiny heart shaped buttons with contrasting colour button bands and collar.

Full details can be seen on my Ravelry page, here.

This leaves just three projects unfinished.  There's a blanket crocheted with embroidery thread - that'll take some time but as there's no deadline I'll be content to pick it up and put it down whenever.  The lacy red cardigan will be worked on next.  I haven't done much on it yet but it should grow quite quickly.  Lastly there is the 4 ply top I'm adapting from a 1950s pattern.  This was the first of all of my seven projects that I had started.  The fact that I haven't made too much progress on it is probably an indication of my enthusiasm for the project.  I'm going to leave it hibernating for a little while longer - if I don't work up any enthusiasm for it later, I'll frog it and look for a new pattern for the yarn.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with how much I have managed to complete over the last two weeks.

Last night to celebrate the end of the challenge, I made this cute little duck.

The pattern is by Frankie Brown and you can download it for free from Ravelry, here.

So whilst I will now be working on the red lacy cardigan, I've spent the last fortnight getting excited about the new projects I can now begin.  I'm planning away at my Ralph Lauren Fair Isle.  I can't wait to get knitting it.

Today I've started crocheting a large granny square that will eventually be made into a bag like this one.

Mine is pink and yellow - of course - and I'm planning on using it as a knitting bag.  As always - so many projects - so little time - how I miss the Olympics.  Endings are good but beginnings are even better.  Oh well, on with the housework.


  1. I agree, it's beautfully done, the details are perfect, and altogether it looks awesome on you!

    and the duck is really cute:)

  2. The cardigan is really pretty! I'm tempted to have a go at knitting it but my figure is slightly - how shall I put it - fuller - than yours and I think those pretty hearts might be more bulbous over my spare tyre...

  3. Gorgeous cardi and cute little duck. You do beautiful work. xoxox

  4. I love the bag. And I'd put the little ducky inside :)

  5. I love the cardigan! I think an Olympic Gold Medal should be going your way!! Cx

  6. Your blog is fantastic. I just found it today and am following. There are several patterns I am going to make.


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