Tuesday 28 August 2012

Doily, Experiments and a Coaster

Sometime ago - a few months maybe - I lose track of time - I made this doily.

It's from a pattern from 1894.  You can see the pattern here.

It's very pretty but as soon as you put anything on it the beautiful centre is obscured.  I was looking at the centre again yesterday and thought how good it would look on its own.

Being in thread weight it would be rather small, so I thought I'd try something in double knitting weight yarn.

I had to modify the pattern somewhat but this is what I came up with.

A very nice coaster.  But when I looked closer I thought the centre looked rather like a sun and maybe I could do something with the edging.  So this is what I made next.

I love it.  Pretty and jolly - my two favourite descriptions.  I think the edging now looks like flowers in a sunny garden - so I'm calling this pattern Sunny Days Coaster.

I'm in the process of writing out the pattern and will share it with you very shortly.

I haven't felt that inspired lately - possible overkill of all the knitting and crocheting whilst the Olympics were on - but wow, this little coaster has given me a buzz and I'm itching to create.  Bring on all that lovely yarn.


  1. I just bought a book of doily patterns and was wondering what they would look like with a thicker yarn. How nice they look. And I agree the yellow in the middle looks great.


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