Wednesday 30 November 2011

On My Walk Today...

On my early morning walk today I saw an owl.  I've only ever seen them in zoos and places like that.  This one flew past me and perched briefly on a branch before flying off again. 

It was 6.45am and the sky was only just lighting up, the sun hadn't risen so I only saw the owl in silhouette, but there was no mistaking it for anything else. 

I couldn't tell what type of owl it was, but as tawny owls are the most common in Britain, I assume it was that. 

What a magical start to the day - it made me smile so much. 


  1. Oh how lucky, maybe there should be a little crochet owl in the making, to honour the Owlie :)

  2. I always think when I hear an owl hooting it is good luck, so to see one at the start of your day must be magic.

  3. What a wonderful find on your walk.

  4. I love owls. Its a pity we don't get them here :(


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