Saturday 5 November 2011

Furry Fairies

What could be cuter than little fairy mice. 

These knitted Furry Fairies are by Alan Dart - one of my favourite designers for interesting and cute characters.  I have previously made the Snow Queen and the Pudding Pixie from his patterns. 

This pattern is even better because it's FREE!  You can access the pattern, here, on Alan's website.

The original pattern has the mice holding stars but I have changed mine to crocheted hearts.  They each have little silver wings and a pretty skirt.

The knitting up time is about an hour for each mouse - it's the making up time that's longer - but they're worth it. 

All we need now is a Christmas tree to hang them on.  I took these pictures outside in the front garden and received some strange looks from a passing workman - isn't it normal to take pictures of woolly mice in trees?


  1. I think it's perfectly normal don't worry!

    They look really good :)

  2. Perfectly normal, what a strange woman, hasn't she ever dangled her woolly creations from a tree and taken pictures, some people don't know what they are missing ;)

  3. They are adorable and as far as the workmen, who cares.

  4. There's nothing wrong with taking photos of mice in trees! I would!
    I love your mice! They are so cute! I recently found the mouse pattern from a link in the Simply Knitting magazine. I'm sooooo gonna make it!

  5. Those are so very cute - you should make a million of them and decorate your whole town with them! Okay, maybe not...but it seemed like a good idea for a second. I bet that workman secretly wishes he had a tree full of them for his very own. :)


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