Tuesday 22 November 2011

New Kim Hargreaves Book

I've just noticed that Kim Hargreaves has a new book out called Scarlet.

Looking at the patterns on her webpage, these are the ones that caught my eye...

This sweater is called Craft and has a lovely textured pattern.

This cardi is also beautifully textured and is called Love.

And finally this lovely shaped cardi is called Steed - probably my favourite pattern but very similar to the Darcy pattern in the book called Heartfelt.

However, I don't think I'll be buying the book - as with the previous two books (which I didn't buy), I think there is too much sameness to previous patterns.  A little more originality would be nice.  I have at least 11 of her books - so I'm not short of patterns, plus most of the Rowan magazines dating from when she was the chief designer. 

So, sorry Kim, love you and your patterns but something new in future, please.

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