Friday 14 May 2010

Thank You Cards

Today is Eve's last day in school before her GCSE exams. I don't suppose much work (if any) will get done as it seems to be a day for picnics, sweets, shirt signing and photos (not that I'm jealous!).

I made two cards for her to take in, the first one is for her form teacher (female) and the second one is for her Latin teacher (male) who is also retiring this year.

I like to use lots of layering for cards, I think it makes them look more detailed, even if the design itself is very basic. The little card frames were bought at the craft fair last month and they are very useful and versatile.

After today, everyone is at home, Grace finishes at university today as well. This is my last day of freedom - so I should go now and make the most of my free time!

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