Saturday 22 May 2010

Featherbed Again

Knitted up another hat in the last few days - I know it's sunny and very warm outside, but I'm so into hats at the moment, I just can't resist making more.

This one is Featherbed. I have knitted it before - for Eve. The pattern is by Louisa Harding in her wonderful book called Little Cake. The pattern uses circular needles but I used straights and adjusted the pattern - it does mean there's a seam in it but I prefer backwards and forwards knitting and I'm not afraid of seaming!
I used just over 1 50g ball of Twilley's Freedom Spirit - and I love the colours of this yarn. The yarn is 100% wool and tends to go very bobbly in a short while - it also makes me sneeze a lot when I'm knitting with it - but I'll forgive it because I think the colours are so yummy.

So far I've used this yarn to make a beret for Grace, Ravenscar, Pikenaze and this hat. I had 12 balls of the yarn and I still have just under one left - so it's proved to be very economical.

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