Thursday 15 April 2010

Nearly Finished

I frequently blog about new patterns and things I want to make - so to balance things up, today I'm posting updates on work-in-progress. Just so you know I'm working away.

The most advanced piece of WIP is Rose.

The only bits left to do on this vest is the ribbing for the neck and armholes. Not the most exciting of things to do - but I will get there soon. I write the pattern up as I go along, so finalising that shouldn't take too long. Hopefully next week you'll be able to see the finished article.

Rose would have been finished this week had I not started some new projects (naughty, naughty). The day after my birthday, Chris took me yarn shopping. I was very restrained - more overwhelmed by the choice than anything. One of the yarns I bought was Sirdar Click DK in a gorgeous tweedy blue and red combination. Just looking at the yarn makes me feel lovely and warm (you know I always feel cold).

I wanted to knit it up into a wear all the time snug sweater. I'm adapting a pattern by Sarah Hatton called Teagan, which is available as a free Rowan download. It's actually a children's pattern but I'm making signifcant modifications. So far I've knitted the back - twice! The first time the measurements weren't snug enough. Once Rose is completed I'll concentrate on getting this one done.

I've been wanting to crochet a cardi for some time. I've seen a number of possible patterns but the other day I spotted this pattern for a cropped cardi by Monica Welle Brown as a free Ravelry download. So I dropped everything else and started this one.
The yarn is Rowan cashsoft DK and was until yesterday knitted up as Rosalind. I loved the Rosalind pattern and was very pleased with the finished knit - the problem is I never wear it - it never felt quite right for me. So it has been frogged and is being recycled.

I don't have a problem with undoing and reknitting yarn. There is a limited amount of space in my wardrobe - and the actual making of the garment is often more enjoyable than the wearing.

The crocheted cardi is growing really quickly - it's a top-down projects and I'm up to (or should that be, down to) the armholes. The lower section of the body and sleeves is a shell pattern and shouldn't take long to do. Maybe this one will be finished at the weekend - Formula 1 race to work through.

As for the other projects I optimistically started in March - Allure and Pikenase - I'm afraid I've lost interest in them now - so they'll be for the chop. But that's the fun of making things and being creative - your ideas change and evolve - there's always something new to consider.

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