Wednesday 7 April 2010

Doll for Hannah

Today is my niece's birthday - so Happy 7th Birthday Hannah.

I know she liked the look of my Snow Queen I made at Christmas, so I used another Alan Dart pattern to make a doll specially for her.

The pattern was originally for a Pierrette doll ( accompanied by Pierrot), the pattern was called Fools for Love, from issue 63 February 2010 of Simply Knitting, but I made a number of modifications. Firstly I changed the dress from an unexciting cream to a rather fetching tweedy red. I converted the skull cap into a beanie and gave her long blond plaits.

I think she looks good for the modifications. I hope Hannah likes her and has a wonderful day today - the sun has been shining -so that's good as well.


  1. Could you still find this particular pattern? She is really cute. I would like to make a doll like this with african like features. Love the shape of the body and the dress is so cute on her.

    1. Hi Cookie,
      Have a look at Alan Dart's website,
      There may be something there that would you could use.
      Best wishes.


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