Wednesday 28 April 2010

Comments, Doilies and Pansies!! a bit of everything

I love viewing my blog and discovering that I've got some new comments. One of the best things is when people tell you how creative, clever or inspiring you are!! I love having my ego massaged - let's face it, it's good to be appreciated.

My trinket boxes have generated some good comments... and quite a few about the doily I used in the photos! Here it is...

It's a bit faded now.

I've been trying to remember when I originally I made this - and I think I've pinned it down to 1983 when I bought my first house. I can't remember exactly where the pattern came from - a magazine belonging to a friend - but I had a photocopy of the pattern.

Unfortunately, last year, I had one of those zealous moments when clutter around the house just had to go - and of course the pattern went then. I didn't think I would ever get round to making the doily ever again so there was no point in keeping superfluous paper!

Sod's Law applies here - once it's gone you suddenly need it. Having featured in the trinket box photos, the doily pattern is now in demand. I've been asked by a number of you for the pattern.

I may have mentioned before (probably quite a few times actually) but I do like to rise to a challenge - so - I'm using the original doily as a template and reworking it so that I can write out the pattern.

Once I'd made up my mind to do this I was quiet eager to get started. I've completed the central motif and I've now started work on the pansies. I'm enjoying the task and hopefully it will be finished before too long.

So keep tuning in, and I'll keep you posted. In the meantime here are some photos of pansies from the garden.

Very inspiring.


  1. very very nice I am working on this project now thanks for sharing the pattern

  2. My grandmother did several of these in a variegated purple/lavendar/white without doing the centers separate and it looks great 40 years later! Thanks for updating I plan to use this soon, had always loved hers but alas most of her patterns went with her.

  3. I made a pansy doily 30 years ago as a newly wed and this will make a great addition next to it. Thanks for the great pattern!

  4. Thanks for all the effort you are going through. I can't wait until you have the pattern. I am new to these crochet sites and really appreciate all the free patterns people are so generously sharing. I don't have the time to sit down and figure out patterns so thanks again.

  5. Wow, Thanks for the Memories. I'm a self taught crochet person and made several pansy doilies waaaay back when I learned to LOVE crochet. That was over 65 years ago and I'm going to make some more. None of the original are around anymore. Used items do wear out. LOL Anyhow THANKS for the MEMORIES. God Bless. I hate anonymous, but none of the others made sense to this 80+ great grandma.


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