Thursday 14 January 2010

Work-in-progress Report

Now that I've caught up on all the projects completed over the Christmas period, I can now get down to reporting on my current WIPs.

Firstly, I bought some Rowan kid classic in the sales at John Lewis. I've knitted quite a bit with this yarn in the past. It knits up quickly and looks good when first knitted up, but has a tendency to bobble after a while. The yarn is a gorgeous lime green colour - the picture doesn't show the true colour (I'm not sure it is really my colour, but it looked irresistible on the shelf).
I'm knitting it up as Emily from Heartfelt by Kim Hargreaves.

The pattern is straight forward and the knitting grows quickly, I've already completed the back and made a start on the front.

I have still, of course, to finish Rona, the crocheted jacket from Rowan 46. I've made a bit more progress on this since Christmas, the back and the left front are finished, but it is very slow going. I feel I have to push myself to get this one done, otherwise it will languish at the bottom of the pile.

In addition to these, I have started designing a short-sleeved fairisle tee. The pattern is called Judy, and has a pale yellow background.

It seems to me, with lime green and yellow, I am straying far away from my usual colours of choice, pink and grey - I may live to regret this!
Finally, on the needles, I also have the gingerbread house by Alan Dart.
You may remember back in November I ordered a copy of this leaflet but was told it was sold out. A wonderful person in the US called Susan Fridkin saw my post on this blog about it and got in touch. She has very kindly let me have a copy of this pattern and I would very much like to say a very big thank you to her for her time and patience and in sending it through to me. This is what makes blogging and the Internet so wonderful, making new friends and contacts.

I hope to have the house finished over the weekend, at the moment I'm giving it priority over the other projects (What! Even over Rona?).

I've bought some more pattern books recently (no, I don't need them, but I can't resist).
Here are the patterns on my wish list from Kim Hargreaves's new book Winter Blooms.

I have also bought Louisa Harding's book Queen of Hearts. I haven't knitted any of her patterns before, but they look different. There's a tendency to stick with similar designs (ie Kim Hargreaves) so a change of designer can be quite inspiring. Here are some interesting patterns.

Well, better get back to the knitting or else nothing will be finished.

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  1. Wow such gorgeous choices of patterns. I wish I had the patience with knitting. I'm rather a slow knitter, so nothing grows quick enough to keep me interested. :(


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