Thursday, 7 January 2010

Barney Bat

It started with the hedgehog - I decided to make my own hedgehog because I found some feathery yarn in my stash, and Heidi Hedgehog was born.

I mentioned this to my cousin and she said "Can you do a badger?" This led to me devising my Boris the Badger pattern.

Eve just happened to mention to her friend Alice in school that I had made a hedgehog and a badger - "Can she do a llama?" Of course I can do llamas - Lionel the llama followed.

Word got round school about the llama and another friend asked if snails were possible. I didn't have to make my own pattern for Harold the Snail as I found a good pattern on the Internet.

When the snail made his appearance at school, a cry went up - "Can she do me a bat?" Thankfully I found a quick and easy pattern for a little bat by Shala.

Unfortunately the wings curl in ways they shouldn't and it was difficult to photo the little creature - but his new owner is very pleased with the result and that's all that matters.

Needless to say there was a rush of orders - could I do a unicorn! a golden retriever! I think I'll let things calm down a bit before I get involved with any more requests.

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