Wednesday 20 January 2010

Gingerbread House Finished

Here it is! A very desirable residence.

I've themed my house with yellow and pink sweets (naturally).

The pattern as you know by now, is by Alan Dart. Once again I must thank Susan from the US for letting me have this pattern - she really was very helpful.

The house is actually smaller than the pattern because I used DK yarn rather than chunky! Even so it is still an impressive 12 inches high. Many of Grace's student friends have smaller accommodation than this!! Because my house is smaller than it should be the sweets are not in the right proportion, so I reduced the amount on the house.

It definitely took a lot longer than I had envisaged - reading the comments on Ravelry about this project before I started would have helped - nearly everyone has commented on it being bigger and taking longer than they realised!

I'm pleased with the results - the house is now sitting proudly on the window ledge - Hedgehog Barbie has already expressed an interest in renting the place until the warmer weather comes!

Now that that project is complete I really should get back to Rona, Emily and Judy! ...but sorry girls - I've spotted a rather tempting pattern for lacy wrist warmers - so tempting I cast on over lunch today. They shouldn't take long so the jacket and sweaters will get some attention soon - I promise.

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