Thursday 27 August 2009

Grace's birthday

Grace had a wonderful 18th birthday. Lots of lovely presents, plenty of delicious meals out and extra helpings of fun.

Wow! I can't believe she's all grown up.

As her main present she got a new camera, so I'll be able to borrow it.

Here are some photos - with special emphasis on the knitted and crocheted presents!!

This book is wonderful. We've both started making things from it already.

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  1. I see there's no comments for such a wonderful day! Happy belated birthday to Grace. My birthday is August 29. I love birthdays, holidays, and whimsical knit and crochet patterns such as your cakes and toys! Your bee pattern for today, October 27, is just darling. Thank you for sharing! Very nice blog that will keep me coming back. Thanks again.


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