Saturday, 22 August 2009

New projects and stressful times

I've just started knitting Frankie from Kim Hargreaves's Breeze. This is a baggy comfortable cardi that eve has had her eye on for a while. we took a bit of time choosing the wool as Eve had a specific shade of grey in mind and wasn't prepared to compromise. She patiently waited until she found the right shade. It's a lightish shade of grey, dark silver maybe. It looks good, I always think grey is a very versatile colour to wear.
The cardi is double knitting on 3.75mm needles and basically plain stocking stitch. There's Formula 1 on this weekend and the World Athletics Championships are coming to an end so plenty of knitting time to make good progress.

We had a shopping trip this week to Abakhans, Liverpool and I came home with an enormous bag of wool. I vaguely know what I'm going to knit with most of it but it'll be a while before I'm allowed anywhere a wool shop again!
It's been a stressful week this week. Grace's A level results were out on Thursday. We needn't have worried - she is a star - 4 grade As - we couldn't ask for more.

Tomorrow is her 18th birthday so I've been running round getting organised for that. It's going to be the best birthday ever - plenty of photos to follow. It's all very exhausting.

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