Thursday 30 July 2009

Trevor and fame at last

Most of my knitting projects are at that stage where you lose interest - finished the back but still a long way to go. So I decided to make a little something to make me feel productive. That little something is now called Trevor.

He's the Tiny striped turtle pattern by KristieMN. I made him with DK wool and he measures about 7 cm from nose to tail. Very easy and quick to make and very cute.

A few days ago Chris and I had a night away in Lancaster (forgot to take the camera!). We found a lovely pub in the evening called The John O'Gaunt and spent a relaxing few hours sampling the beer. Unfortunately the weather was pretty awful, heavy rain, so we ended up coming home early the next day. Nevertheless, I managed to make good progress with Grace's Wine dark sea sweater on the journey and it was good to get away even for a short time.
Whilst browsing, I've just discovered a new website that's a bit like ravelry but covers all crafts, called mycraftivity. Someone has included a link to my compass rose earrings and this is what they said about them,

"I don't think these crochet compass rose earrings will be much help finding your way when you're lost, but they will help you to look your best as you ask strangers for directions."

Wow, I like it.

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