Thursday, 2 July 2009

My Wish List

This week's wish list:
Projects I would like to make (if I had the time), but will probably never get around to doing.

Orchid from Nectar by Kim Hargreaves.

Misty By Kim Hargreaves from Nectar.

Dawn by kim Hargreaves from Nectar.

Marigold from Rowan 45.

Peaches - slouchy beret by Kim Hargreaves from Breeze.

Checkmate Tea Cozy from the book Tea Cozies- cheerful and bright.

Bloom from Rowan 45.

Apple blossom Stole by Kai Mistry from Inside Loop.

Paisley from Amber by Kim Hargreaves.

Nell from Amber by Kim Hargreaves.

Although, it won't be long now 'til all the new Autumn/Winter patterns come out, so I'll have to do a new wish list then.

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