Thursday, 23 July 2009

Harry Potter and the Frenzied Housewife

Well, the summer holidays are well and truly here and everyone is under my feet. I'm starting to feel frazzled and frenzied already. Everyone else is in holiday mood and winding down nicely whereas I still have to try and get things done. It's the same every time - roll on September when I can have the house back to myself - what's the point in being a housewife if you have to share the house with everyone else?

Today we went to see the new Harry Potter film. I've read the book twice but that was ages ago so I couldn't quite remember the storyline. The film was really good - funny, scary and sad - more enjoyable than I though it would be.

Meanwhile on the knitting front, I've reached that point in time where I'm waiting for the Autumn/Winter collections to come out. Rowan have already got a preview on their website - and they look quite promising. No news yet from Kim Hargreaves.

I've got lots to keep me going in the meantime, so I shouldn't really be thinking too far ahead. I'm currently knitting Tender by Kim Hargreaves from the Nectar collection.
I've completed the back and I'm part way through the left front. I'm using Kidsilk Haze and I hate it. I'm sure the finished article will be wonderful but knitting with this yarn is a real pain. I got the yarn ages ago at an amazingly discounted price otherwise I wouldn't have bought it and I've being looking for a pattern to knit with it ever since. Tender is virtually all stocking stitch but because the yarn is so difficult to knit with you really have to concentrate. Normally I like to read while knitting or watch TV but you can't with this yarn so it's very frustrating. Anyway that's my moan out of the way!

I'm also knitting a vintage style tee for myself. I'm designing the pattern myself and writing it up as I go along - so it's quite a challenge.

A few weeks ago I bought this lovely Mirasol Hacho DK wool.I'm going to use it to make Grace a polo sweater - I can't wait to start it to see how it knits up. When I've finished the front of Tender I'll allow myself the treat of starting the back of this sweater - an incentive to get on with knitting Tender!

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