Sunday, 26 July 2009

Rowan wish list

Well I've got my copy of the new Rowan magazine, number 46. Some of the designs are a bit iffy (as usual) but there are some really promising patterns as well. Here are the ones I've picked out as future knits.

This is Rona. It's my favourite pattern in the magazine.

It is crocheted in Felted Tweed and I think it looks really stunning. I would have to think carefully about colour choices.

This is Stockport.
I like the shaping and it's quite different to my usual knits. It is knitted in Cocoon. I think I'd like to knit it in a nice rich jewel colour.

This is Wentworth.
It is knitted in Kidsilk Haze so I would definitely have to think about substituting another yarn. I love the multi colours and it would be great for using up odds and ends. It reminds me of a pattern in an earlier Rowan magazine, I'll have to check it out.

Finally this is Lochalsh.
Knitted in two colours of Felted Tweed, I think I would be tempted to incorporate more colours and get rid of the pompoms!

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  1. Lots of lovely knitting in your blog!! I googled "Anyone crocheting Rowan's Rona?" and you came up in the results. I've almost done enough squares for one of the front panels, I stuck to their colour scheme and will probably re-do some of the squares as they're getting better and better with the practice! I want to do the hat in book 46 for my sister's 50th birthday presi and agree with your other choices. I love going through the new autumn/winter Rowan book each year with an interested other- sighing at the lovely ones and laughing at the ridiculous. lol Jak


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