Monday 15 June 2009

So much to make, so little time

Over the weekend I made this cute little Miffy. The pattern was really easy, although a bit fiddly. I found the pattern via ravelry at amigurumi...e outras coisas fofas: first free pattern! It certainly lends itself to adaptation, I like the idea of using the basic pattern to make some character dolls.

This little cutey was made using dk wool and a 3mm crochet hook. She stands (sits?) about 12 cm tall and took only a couple of hours to make.
I also started work on Thomasina from the Rowan Milk Cotton collection.
This is a cabled waistcoat and I'm making it for Grace. I'm using Sirdar dk wool which is really soft and lovely to knit with. The pattern looks really complicated but it is quite easy to follow (after you've colour coded the chart!) and it grows quite quickly.

At the moment I am completely in love with ravelry. There is so much info on the site, so many patterns and finished projects to look at. Everyday I'm seeing new patterns I want to try, or seeing old patterns in a new light because of the way someone else has knitted it up. It's also a great feeling when someone admires your own work and puts it down as a favourite. It's all so wonderful. If only there were more hours in the day to spend knitting and crocheting - but alas, the kitchen floor needs cleaning.

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