Saturday 27 June 2009


As it was our 24th wedding anniversary this week (I can't believe half of my life has been spent married to Chris!) we arranged to have a night away in Hereford. Being away for only one night meant it wasn't difficult to pack as far as clothes were concerned, but what knitting to take was another issue. I didn't want to take Thomasina as the cabling is far too fiddly for a car journey and I get travel sick if I look down to often. In the end I decided to start a new project (any excuse). So I took Rosalind by Gloriana from A Mingled Yarn with me. Rosalind Pattern « A Mingled Yarn. The pattern is a short sleeved cardigan with lace panels and is very popular on ravelry.

Hereford is a beautiful city with lots of atmosphere. We visited the cathedral and the Old House and sat around in the lovely parks and gardens. Made good progress with Rosalind.

Now that I'm back home, it's back to Thomasina (and all the other projects ahead of Rosalind in the queue!)

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  1. I was enjoying reading some of your older posts when I noticed that you visited my home town of Hereford, of course it's changed a little bit since 2009, so glad you enjoyed your visit.


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