Thursday, 11 June 2009

My wonderful girls

This week's Good Luck card is for Eve. Her Science GCSE exams start tomorrow. I have made it in the same style as Grace's. The apple is quite symbolic! - Eve, Newton, science!! Anyway, biology tomorrow, chemistry and physics next week. I'll be glad when they are out of the way. I feel exhausted with all the stress.

Grace is taking her mind off the stress of the exams by feverishly crocheting away at a scarf she started some time ago. She actually finished it just after this photo was taken and has worn it today for her maths and chemistry exams. Maybe it will prove to be a lucky scarf.

Once the exams are out of the way both Grace and Eve want to do more crocheting and they want to learn to knit (again). Aren't they wonderful.

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