Tuesday 2 September 2014

Portcullis Doily

Despite the initial set-back, I've enjoyed reworking this old crochet pattern.

I think it looks rather good.  The 4 ply cotton works well and I like the pink colour.  It gives the doily a modern feel.

Here's a picture of the original rectangular doily with the new square one.

You can see there's a significant difference in the sizes.  I think the original one I made was crocheted with #40 thread, so it is quite fine.

Typing up the pattern almost took as long as the crocheting - as is always the case - it's not my favourite part of sharing patterns, but it has to be done.  This particular pattern had me tearing my hair out, so if anyone spots an error please let me, but I've checked it as thoroughly as I can.

I thought that the overall pattern looked something like a gate or a portcullis - hence the name.

The PDF of the pattern can be downloaded for free, here.  Details of the pattern can be viewed on the Ravelry pattern page, here.  I hope you enjoy the pattern.


  1. It looks amazing. The colour is a delight and as you say really does give it a modern twist.

  2. It did turn out good!! Have to say, I like the square better


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