Sunday, 7 September 2014

Flapjacks for Grace

I've made some flapjacks.

It's just a standard sultana flapjack recipe, nothing exciting - but very yummy.  I've made them for Grace because - Hurray!! - she's home on a flying visit this weekend.

We can watch the Formula 1 racing on the television together - just like old times.

Grace has brought this magazine with her, so I'm looking forward to having a browse.

Later, we're off to watch the first stage of the Tour of Britain cycling race.

They're doing ten laps of Liverpool city centre, so we're hopeful of getting a few decent photos.

Enjoy your weekend - whatever you're doing.


  1. Have a lovely weekend catching up-I know how precious it is, gorgeous weather for you both, have fun.
    Love your mandala-but for me I prefer the one colour doily, perhaps I'm just a bit boring ha ha.

  2. That sounds perfect, some time with your daughter and a trip out, have a lovely Sunday xx

  3. Perfection indeed, time with family and nice trip out. It doesn't get any better.


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