Monday, 22 September 2014

Just a Perfect Day

The seasons are changing, the lovely summer weather we have enjoyed this year will soon be over.  Here in the north west of England we have been lucky enough to have missed the bad weather that other parts of the country have been having lately.  The weather is set fair for the next week or two.  Better make the most of it.

Yesterday, I woke to a beautiful sunny morning with not a breath of wind - perfect for an early walk on the beach.

The early morning sun cast long shadows across the sands.

We have lovely golden sand (with some muddy bits) on our beach.  It's all very flat and gentle.

There's nothing more relaxing and calming than walking along the shore, looking for interesting shells, as the waves gently lap around your feet.

There were a number of other walkers on the beach, and of course the Antony Gormley statues.

Is that Santa's coat he's wearing?

There's always plenty of shipping activity.

I saw this enormous jellyfish on the beach.

I placed some shells next to it (on the left), so that you can judge the size of it.

What an impressive specimen!

I enjoyed my walk, it was a great way to start the day - and I'm so glad I remembered to take my camera with me.


  1. A lovely walk....I think that was a santa coat the statue was wearing-funny.
    Enjoy this week of sunshine


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