Wednesday 24 June 2015

Llangollen With My Special Man

Thank you all so much for your warm wishes for our anniversary.  It really is joyful to receive your comments and emails.

Chris and I had a wonderful day together.  We drove down to Llangollen and had a lovely walk around.

The town is only small, but it has a river, a canal and a steam railway.

We chose to walk along the canal.  It was peaceful and picturesque.

We walked all the way to Horseshoe Falls, but we were disappointed to note that it wasn't a natural waterfall but an engineered weir, constructed by Thomas Telford when he designed and built the canal.  Even so it was a quiet spot and I always think that there's something special about sitting by a rushing river.  It's quite mesmerizing!

We had a delicious pub meal in the town before returning home.  A simple and beautiful day spent with my special man.  Looking forward to plenty more to come.


  1. Sounds idyllic, a wonderful celebration.

  2. What a lovely 30th! We celebrated our 30th in February and the special celebratory things have extended into June with a hot air balloon ride! (weather wasn't right for the ride earlier). Your celebration looked/sounded so romantic!


  3. Hi - I'm your newest follower. Happy anniversary. I love your wedding dress and the photos of Llangollen are amazing. Joan at

    1. Thank you Joan, and welcome to the blog.

  4. Happy Anniversary, what a beautiful place, I hope that you spend many more happy years together :)


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