Monday, 8 June 2015

June Squares

Another Month, another set of crochet squares as part of the Block-a-month crochet-a-long.

The main square this month was this one.

It's called Rachel's block and it was a very enjoyable piece to crochet.  The colours are not as purple as the picture would suggest.

The small square was not to my liking this month, so I substituted this one instead.

It's called Daisy Granny Square.  A nice easy but very pretty square.  As usual I made four of these to be the equivalent size of the bigger squares.

Finally, my favourite one this month.  This is the filler square that won the votes this month.

Isn't it a beautifully designed square?  It's called Fountain of Roses.  It really was a delight to make this one.  It's just so pretty.

As usual all the patterns are free on Ravelry.

I now have the equivalent of 18 large squares.  If I continue for the whole year, I will have 36 squares which would make a very large blanket (each square is 10 inches wide).  So I may only carry on for a few more months.  We'll see how it goes.  For now that's another completed work-in-progress ticked off for this month.  I'm definitely on a roll.


  1. You are on fire the amount you are getting through. I particularly like the fountain of roses and the colours of yarn used. Your parcel was posted this morning. Have a good week.

  2. Wow what pretty squares! You are so creative x

  3. Some really great squares! You are doing so well with this! xx

  4. Your squares are absolutely lovely. I do agree with you about the size of the blanket. Too big and it will be not be practical and also very heavy.


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