Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Pretty Package Tied Up With Lace

Oh look!  An exciting package arrived in the post for me today.  Beautifully wrapped up with some lace.

I am the lucky winner of the Giveaway organised by Lorraine from Mama's Mercantile.  I love reading about her crafts, her family, her garden and her car boot treasures on her blog.  And here are the lovely goodies I have received.

Look at these beautiful buttons.  Such gorgeous colours.  And all beautifully presented.

I only have a small collection of buttons, so these will be a welcome addition.

I also received this cute needle-case made from lovely Harris Tweed.

And these greeting cards, also decorated with Harris Tweed.

It's a lovely feeling to win something.  It makes me feel special.  So thank you to Lorraine for organising her giveaway, it has made a lovely highlight to my week.


  1. A great "treasure" of very useful things!! Congrats on your winning the giveaway.
    I've won a giveaway here in Italy, too and I'm looking forward to receiving my gift. I feel special and very happy, too. Have a nice day. Tina

  2. I am so glad the parcel arrived safely and that you enjoyed it.

  3. how lovely.....like the needlecase .

  4. What gorgeous things!!! Lorraine is such a lovely person and that shows in what she was kind enough to give you doesn't it. I am sure that you will love everything! xx


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