Monday, 25 May 2015

They Came, We Saw... But Still the Sun Didn't Shine

Following on from yesterday's post about the Royal Visit, we were down on the beach again today to see the arrival of the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria.

At least it was a more sociable hour and it wasn't raining.  It was still very cold and grey.  There must have been a few thousand people spread out along the beach - all well-wrapped up against the cold.  And what an impressive sight it was.  The Queen Elizabeth came in first.

Closely followed by Queen Victoria.

The Queen Mary had come back out of the river and was waiting for them, just off the coast from New Brighton.

The two smaller ships passed behind the Queen Mary and the three of them proceeded up the river to the Pier Head.

As I type this, they are currently performing an intricately choreographed "River Dance" at the Pier Head, no doubt in front of thousands more people crowded along the water front.

Such an amazing sight to see the Cunard liners together in Liverpool, 175 years after the first Cunard ship set sail from here to Boston.  I feel so lucky to live in such an historic city.

The Queen Mary will be leaving once the dance is over, but she returns on 4th July for more celebrations (maybe the sun will shine then). Liverpool has more fun events and happenings at that time.  So good to see the continued revival of this beautiful city after all the years of decline and negative publicity.  If you ever get the chance, please come and visit Liverpool, I'm sure you'll be amazed.


  1. Wow, how wonderful to be part of such an auspicious occasion, a grand celebration indeed.

  2. It looks amazing I would have loved to have been there. :) x

  3. How wonderful!!! You must have been so happy to be there and see it in person! Quite an occasion. It must have been amazing for those on board too! xx

  4. Oh I wish i could have been there how lucky are you !!

  5. What a neat out of the ordinary event!!!

  6. wonderful. Pictures to show your grandchildren! Only been to Liverpool once but loved the buildings and the city.I also liked the Chinese gate.

  7. What a wonderful sight. Saw the ships on the news yesterday.

  8. Be proud of your city...I left Liverpool 50 years ago to marry a wonderful man, yet my heart still yearns for home. I ❤️ Liverpool!


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