Sunday 24 May 2015

A Royal Visit

Good Morning.   I was up bright and early this morning - out and about in the soaking rain.

This weekend in Liverpool there's quite a buzz.  We're having a special visit.  Three Queens are coming to the city... and the first one was arriving early this morning.

I had set my alarm for 6.45 am but was woken up at 6.20 am by the sound of a ship's hooter.  I jumped up quickly, threw on some clothes and dashed down to the beach.  And there she was - Queen Mary 2, one of Cunard's luxury liners.

Visibility was very poor, the rain was heavy, it was cold and miserable - but never have so many people been out and about on the beach at 6.30 am on a Sunday morning.

I was so glad I was able to witness the enormous cruise liner arriving in Liverpool.  It was worth getting drenched for.  Here's a picture of what she looks like when the sun is shining!

Picture from Wikipedia
Tomorrow, she will be joined by her sister ships, the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria.  They are here to celebrate the 175th  anniversary of the Cunard Line.  Cunard's first ship, the Britannia, departed for her maiden voyage from Liverpool to Boston on 4 July 1840.  The company had its head office in Liverpool until 1967.

The Cunard Building is the middle one of
The Three Grace's on Liverpool waterfront.
The three ships will be sailing together up and down a short stretch of the Mersey tomorrow.  Hopefully the weather will be better because, at the moment, the arrival of the Three Queens is all anyone is talking about here on Merseyside.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I can only guess at the size...Hope you manage to get pics of them all together and put them on.

  2. Wow, amazing. Hope you manage to get some lovely photos for us all to see.


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