Tuesday 9 December 2014

The Decorations are Finally Up

It's taken two days, but Eve and I have finally got all our Christmas decorations up - well almost - a few tweaks here and there may be needed, but every available space is now covered in tinsel.

The tree is crammed full of decorations - and I haven't even crocheted any new ones this year.

Can you spot one of my little Fairy Toadstool Houses?

The knitted Dickensian mice are carolling away on the window ledge.

The knitted nativity figures have assumed their positions.

And even the fridge is looking suitably festive.

I suspect I have too many Christmas decorations - but I'm sure I could always find room for a few more.

How is your decorating coming along?  Still plenty of time to add more!


  1. Did you make all those ornaments? I love the caroling mice :)

    1. I certainly did make them. Eve has banned me from knitting anymore nativity scenes as we already have more than our fair share - I just find them all so irresistible.

  2. Its all looking lovely, the fridge really made me smile.

  3. I have the knitted nativity scene which was made a few years ago my aunt and uncle when they were both in their 80s. Sadly they have both since passed away. Love your mice!


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