Monday, 22 December 2014

Is It a Polar Bear Or Is It a Rat?

I've been knitting away this past week, trying to get my Fair Isle cardigan finished.  My mind is now on the next project I want to start and so I'm desperate to get the Fair Isle cardigan out of the way.

Each day I think, this is the day the cardigan is completed - and every day I never quite make it.  There's always lots of other things to be done so by the time I manage to sit down with my knitting there isn't a great deal of the day left - and it's the darning in of all the ends that is the least exciting thing about Fair Isle knitting.

In order to keep myself motivated I thought that a distraction was needed for a day or two, so I crocheted this little fellow.

In case you're wondering, he's a pink polar bear.

I used a mohair DK yarn to make him fluffy and soft.

The pattern is from this book (discovered in our local library).  It's called Edward's Menagerie and it's by Kerry Lord.

The book features over 40 patterns for toy animals, all based on the same basic body shape.  They all look lovely and cute, especially piled up together.

I followed the Piotr Polar Bear pattern.

I'm not convinced by my version.

I think the eyes are too far apart, the nose is wonky and the legs are in the wrong position ( I may try and put these faults right at some point).

He's still quite cute but I reckon he looks more like a rat than a polar bear!

Anyway, the distraction worked.  My Fair Isle cardigan is now complete and is being blocked.  Photos to follow.  I can now start a new project - yippee!


  1. This is getting a bit spooky, and you will see from my next post. He is very cute, and I think the whole point of homemade toys is that they are unique. I think you are right about the eyes being a bit high though.

  2. Awwww he's looking for someone to love him. I rather like his floppy appearance. I think he needs his eye operation, though. 😉
    Happy Christmas. Look forward to reading you in 2015.


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