Tuesday, 2 December 2014


I may have mentioned (several times) that I'm a big fan of the Paddington Bear stories.

I still have all the books from my childhood.

I even have a Latin version of the first book.

And of course I've crocheted a Paddington.

So I just had to see the new film that's out.

It's a delightful, funny, heartwarming story.

I smiled and laughed my way through the film, with the occasional tear in the eyes.

It was not the Paddington of my childhood.  This was a revised, renewed and updated version.  It was still enjoyable but just not MY Paddington.

Sally Hawkins as Mrs Brown was lovely.  I was particularly drawn to her very colourful knitwear and charmingly quirky house.

I'd recommend the film, (and not just for the knitwear)  it's great fun, you just need to put aside the original (and best) Paddington, and go with the flow!


  1. I've seen the trailer, and it worried me a bit, as it seemed so different to the books. But perhaps as you recommend the film I shall give it a go. Lots of good people in it.

    1. It is very different to the books, but a good story nonetheless, and, as you say, plenty of good actors.

  2. I love Paddington too and I especially love your Paddington pattern. It was the first toy pattern that caught my eye as something worth making. Since then I've made lots of toys much to my daughter's / grandchildren's delight. Thanks for being so generous and sharing your patterns. B.

  3. Oh my God! a Paddington bear movie! I used to watch the tv show when I was younger. I'll have to check out the movie.

  4. I love the crochet Paddington, stunning.

  5. I too love Paddington but was reluctant to see the film in case it interfered with my imagination but I am curious.
    Glad you enjoyed it and your crochet version is wonderful.


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