Monday, 25 August 2014

What Shall I Do Next?

It's always the case, you spend your time trying to stay focused on your current WIPs, don't be distracted by the thought of starting something new, but you have loads of ideas for what you want to do next.  Then as soon as you have finished the said WIPs you can't decide what you REALLY want to do next.

from Pinterest

There's the macramé that caught my attention earlier in the week.

The rectangular doily that I thought about reworking.

I have a pile of fabrics to make a patchwork tablecloth.  I also have the fat quarters I bought recently.

What about the shawls I was thinking of making the other day?

It's starting to get colder outside so some new mittens would be nice.

Accelerating Stripes Fingerless Gloves

Or a hat. I've had my eye on this pattern by Kate Davies for ages and ages.

Peerie Flooers

I'd like to knit a skirt (with the pattern I bought way back in March) but I don't have the right yarn in my stash at the moment.

Simple Straight Skirt

Perhaps I could make a bag - to go with the handles I bought several years ago (and haven't taken out of the wrapper yet)!

Maybe something small - the spare bedroom could do with a nice coaster by the bed.

The problem is, there is too much choice

from Pinterest

and you can't do them all at the same time.  Or can you?


  1. I do like the idea of a knitted skirt.

  2. I know exactly what you mean!


  3. Arr you have used a Harry Potter moment and been inside my head?
    I echo all you have said......head scrambled, craft corner a mess, started a list but did settle on a small project.
    Ha ha enjoyable post-made me laugh.

  4. Your just going to have to assign a different project for each day of the week. How many things did you list? 8? Oh well the two little ones can go on the same day right ;)

  5. A beautiful list of favourite things, a great list.


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