Friday, 1 August 2014

Grey Blanket - Finished

Hooray! It's finished - tick it off the list and start something new.  Here's my grey blanket.

With the end in sight, I've been crocheting away like mad the last few days and it's a good feeling to look at the finished article.

It measures 50 inches square and I used double knitting weight yarn throughout.  The little squares are based on the Never Fading Flowers pattern, which is available as a free Ravelry download, here.  I must admit that I went wrong on the second round of the pattern, which is silly really as I have used this pattern before, for Eve's blanket.  Having completed a number of squares incorrectly, I decided to carry on regardless and so long as I'm consistent, what does it matter.

After completing the little squares the rest of the blanket was very much a case of making it up as I went along and I'm very pleased with the way the border turned out.

I don't know what I'm going to do with the blanket now it's finished, my husband has helpfully pointed out that we have enough blankets already - but one more won't hurt!  I always think crochet blankets look lovely folded and piled up together - they make everything so homely.


  1. your blanket is beautiful and you can never have enough blankets! I'm working on 4 at the moment but my huge granny stripe will be finished this weekend if its not too warm. Amanda x

    1. Thank you Amanda. Yes, you're right, you can't have enough blankets. I'm already looking a blankets on Pinterest and thinking about starting another one.

  2. Ready to be loved for ever! Beautiful blanquet, Janet.

  3. Your blanket is very very nice!!!

  4. I really like your latest blanket, im working on a similar colour blanket. Very nice edging too!

  5. It looks really lovely. So nice to finish a big project.

  6. Your blanket is just lovely,gorgeous border and accent stitching- as to what do you do with it? simple-sit, have a cuppa/glass of something lovely and admire...enjoy.

  7. Wow! This is really beautiful! I love it :)

  8. The finished blanket is amazing. And tell your husband you can never have too many beautiful blankets.


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