Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sunburst Granny Squares WIP

I'm making excellent progress with my knitted cardigan and my dressmaking, so I should be ready for the wedding.  The fact that I'm feeling on top of things has given me the excuse to drift off onto other projects.

I've now made a total of five squares for my cushion cover that I started last month.

I particularly like the green, mint and pink colour combination and I'm thinking that these colours could be used to make a multi-stitch blanket (Oh no!  Another distraction!)

Before I get onto starting anything else I'm determined to finish my existing WIPs.  I'm optimistically working on the basis that this will be by the end of the week.  Unfortunately, real life tends to step in and I suspect it will be nearer the end of next week before I can justify starting anything new.

Note to self - get on with the dressmaking, or else!


  1. Love the colour combinations of the squares.

  2. You can't beat a bit of crochet for a relax between projects-works for me ha ha. Looking forward to the finished dress and knitted accessory..that is something way beyond my capabilities at this stage so I am suitably impressed already. Enjoy your week.

  3. Love your colors! They look refreshing.

  4. Oooh--I love these color combinations, too! I need to get more brave in my color choices... I'm too predictable, I think. =)


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