Thursday, 3 July 2014

Recycled Strawberries!

Way back when, before I discovered blogging, I knitted some strawberries.

There are numerous free patterns out there for Strawberries - both knitted and crocheted.

Every summer the strawberries are brought out and used as a seasonal decoration.

But this year I had an idea.  They were starting to look a little tired and boring - so I decided to jazz them up.

I crocheted some white strawberry flowers.

Added some green embroidery.

And then crocheted a lovely long chain, attaching a strawberry and a flower alternately along the way.

I now have a jolly garland - and a new lease of life for the strawberries.  Bring on the summer sun (oh, I think I missed it - it's raining today!)


  1. I really love your garland. I knitted some strawberries a few years ago for a tea-cosy as a raffle prize, you can find the pattern on my blog. Amanda x

  2. This is very pretty indeed x


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