Tuesday, 29 July 2014

I Can See Clearly Now....

...the strain has gone!  Yes, I have new glasses.

Two pairs to be exact.

My distance vision is perfect but reading is still getting worse.  So I've got some lovely new reading glasses.

And a pair of magic glasses!  Oh yes, they are completely magic.  They are an enhanced prescription which will allow me to do really close work, especially embroidery.

My reading glasses have never been strong enough to let me do close work for any length of time, but these glasses are specially tailored to my embroidery needs.  So no more limited embroidery time for me - there'll be no stopping me now - no more eye strain, no more headaches - how magic is that?


  1. You should have gotten those magic ones sooner!!!!! Sooooooooo glad you won't have headaches from stitching anymore =D

    1. I wish I had, they make all the difference.


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