Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Work - in - Progress

Now that the Braid Hills cardigan is finished, I allowed myself the treat of starting a new Fair Isle cardigan over the weekend.

Actually, I have to admit that I had started this Fair Isle cardigan two previous times but haven't been happy with the versions.

This version is coming on a treat and I'm pleased with the patterning.

I've missed doing Fair Isle knitting.  Now that I'm working on this one, I realise how much I do enjoy the work.  (I must make an effort to darn in those ends as I go along, otherwise it becomes a real pain).

I've also recently crocheted a new coat-hanger.  This one is from a pattern by Dottie Angel, you can get the pattern for free, here.  

It was surprisingly quick to make and I think it looks very pretty.  I must make some more.

Having recently repainted our kitchen, I decided to crochet some yellow bunting to give it a splash of colour - there's nothing like bunting for adding that touch of jolliness.

This pattern is just simple granny triangles.

So that's about it, as far as taking stock is concerned.  Obviously there are a number of other projects that I have started, but the ones above are the ones I'm working on at the moment - the others are out of sight and out of mind for now!

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