Friday, 4 April 2014

A Well-Travelled Hanger?

I've been busy making more crocheted coat hangers.  My aim is to ban the plastic and have a wardrobe full of crocheted loveliness.

I've used the same pattern as last time - the one by Dottie Angel - it just looks so pretty.

Whilst emptying my Mother-in-Law's house I came across a useful collection of old wooden hangers to keep me going.

One of them you may notice has writing on it.

So I Googled it and it seems to be from a dry cleaners in Buenos Aires!!  Can this be true?  How did my MIL acquire this interesting item?  Sadly, a story I will never know but wherever the hanger originated from, it's now living happily ever after in a wardrobe in Liverpool!


  1. Love your story on how you inquired these hangers, I similarly inherited
    Some cool vintage hangers, found them in the fitted wardrobes in my new house I moved too.I Plan to revamp them with some cool crochet jackets.yours look fabx

  2. They look really good - I'm all for crochet accessories! Springlike, too. x

  3. Beautiful. How many good ideas, I found online to make
    Hangers direct. I hope to encourage me and leave me as cute as published.


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