Saturday 9 November 2013

Why Didn't I Think of This Earlier?

All eager to start knitting my Scatness Tam by Kate Davies, I rounded up the wool I want to use and turned to my knitting needle collection.

Normally when I knit something with a small / medium diameter I prefer to use the two long circular needles method to knit in the round, rather than using double pointed needles.  I have a reasonable collection of 60 cm and 80 cm long circular needles in various sizes.  There are lots of tutorials for this method, here, here, and here, if you are interested.

Now according to my records on Ravelry I have two 3 mm circular needles, both length 80 cm - but oops I can only find one.  I've looked everywhere but think I may have given one to Grace - I'll have to check with her.  Not a major problem - I'll use my DPNs.

The DPNs were great for the brim but once I'd increased, the stitches kept falling off the ends of the needles.  I'd started off with the stitches divided amongst three needles and knitting with a fourth but soon changed to the stitches divided amongst four needles and knitting with a fifth.

Not ideal but I was getting there.

But then, I thought, wouldn't it be simpler to just get the right length circular needle for the hat - a 40 cm long needle.

So, having googled and browsed, compared and dithered, I finally pressed the buy button and here it is, my 3 mm 40 cm long circular needle.

What a cutie.

And look how much better the knittings looking already.

Now I'm thinking, I should have a selection of these little beauties in various needles sizes - my Christmas present wish list is starting to fill out quite nicely!


  1. I should really get me some too. I use the DPNs but can't seem to do it without extra space in my knitting between the needles :/ Of course it could be my serious lack of knitting skills hehehe.

  2. I am so happy that I got a set of Knit Pro Interchangeable Needles. Whenever I need another needle size, I buy the ones from Lana Grossa as those are cheaper and fit as well. However, I now have all the needle sizes I need and couldn´t be happier. Especially that I can change the cable lenght according to my needs.
    Hardly use any DPNs anymore. :)

  3. Oops yes you can blame me - I do have your other circular needles x


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