Thursday 21 November 2013

Scatness Tam

In a bid to get organised (again!) I'm trying to update my finished projects.

Today's finished item is the Scatness Tam by Kate Davies.  Having sorted out my needles issues, I raced ahead and finished this last week.

Now that it's cold and windy in the mornings when I go for my walk, this hat has already had quite a few outings and it is lovely and snug.
I do love Fair Isle, it's always enjoyable to knit.

You can see full details of this project on my Ravelry page, here.

I've been promising myself that I could start a new Fair Isle cardigan for some time, so now that I have a few projects out of the way, I've cast on for that.

I had intended to plan it carefully, selecting colours and patterns - but - I was too impatient so it's going to be a "let's see what happens" type of cardigan!!  Let's hope it doesn't end up a "let's frog the damn thing" type of cardigan!

Once I've completed the first pattern, I'll take some photos of the work-in-progress.

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